About me

I believe art is the purest form of communication and that’s the language I speak best.

Becoming an artist was my dream for as long as I remember. Turning this into reality turned to be much harder than I could ever imagine. After all twists and turns and year long setbacks, I finally landed where I needed to be. I am blessed that I am able make a living through art today.

I grew up in Niš, a post-communist era city with rich and ancient history. Niš is located in the mountainous, southern reach of Serbia, my homeland. My brother, my parents and many dear friends still reside here. This is where I met my partner. Every time I go back, I am reminded of how special this place is to me.

I came to San Francisco many years ago and over time it became my second home. I was welcomed with honesty and kindness I didn't know existed. I discovered I have a community here, one which will always hold space for me and give me the courage to push forward. It is precious and I am incredibly grateful for it.

This website is dedicated to my life partner, Ivana Savicevic. She is my life force, and I would never make it this far without her.

Thank you for stopping by.

Vladimir looking at squirrel :)